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Application Notes

AN1 - Using DCart or DC Live/Forensics as an Audio Signal Generator
AN2 – Using DCart or DC Live/Forensics to test your sound cards performance.
AN3 – Using DC5 or DC Live/Forensics To Create 3 Audio Test CDs
AN4 – Using DC Live/Forensics: The Electric Network Frequency Analysis
AN5 – Audio Archival Recording
AN6 – Speaker Cable Power Loss Wirechart
AN7 – Power Line Frequency by Country (hum)
AN8 – The New Way of recording LP’s
AN9 – Land Line Telephone Interface Circuit
AN10 – Bringing Acoustic Recordings Back to Life
AN11 – Proper Use of Stereo Phono Cartridges to Transfer Lateral and Vertical Cut Recordings
AN12 – Measuring the Dynamic Range of Your Hearing
AN13 – Digitizing Records using a DCP-47K-F Flat Response Magnetic Phono Cartridge Preamp
AN14 - Preserving the Proper Phonographic EQ curve with Fractional or High Speed Re-mastering
AN15 - Theoretical Frequency Response of Records by Format
AN16 - DIY Vinyl Record Cleaner Formulation
AN-17 Virtual Phono Preamp Supported Phono Equalization Curves
AN-18 Comprehensive Feature listing for DCart and DC Forensics 10.x
AN19 - Forensics Audio Laboratory Security Set-up and Procedural Tips
AN20 Audio Restoration Terminology
AN-21 Audio Related Charts, Graphs and Tables of Values
AN-22 Dynamic Bass Processor
AN-23 Getting Started Guide
AN-24 Transferring Vertical Cut Records
AN-25 Making Pink Noise

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